Cumberland Gap Inn features 31 rooms

They include:

  • A fancy Honeymoon Suite, with a California king canopy bed overlooking the Mountain through the windows.
  • Two handicap rooms with King-Sized beds.
  • Four additional King-Sized rooms; highly coveted and loved by our guests.
  • 8Kings, 23 Queen Beds.
  • Every room at the Cumberland Gap Inn has been renovated to be hardwood floorings.
  • Hotel just got new Roofing, New Siding and New Commerical gutters done this year 2022.
  • Hotel is in a process of renovating interiors of the rooms, most of the bathrooms are now renovated. They should all be finished by 2023.

Every room at Cumberland Gap Inn has hardwood floors. Furthermore, all rooms have gone through renovations as recently as 2022.

More About Cumberland Gap Inn

Our hotel has a large lobby with a mesmerizing Chandelier surrounded by special tiled walls. In addition, it has sufficient parking and ample lights for people to comfortably park and enter.

A Picturesque Sight

The Cumberland Gap Inn features a patio at the back of the ground floor overlooking a freshwater creek. Where our guests love to come to enjoy the beautiful view.

Furthermore, the upper part of the hotel has an all-balcony that is facing the soothing freshwater creek and the old trees.

Hotel had a survey done in the 2022, asking our guests if they prefer.
1- Breakfast service
2- Reasonable lower room rates.

Majority said they rather have Reasonable lower room rates. Because they can go out to have breakfast out in the local restaurants of their choices.

Along with a picturesque view, our hotel also provides:

  • Free Fast Wi-Fi
  • Seamless Free Parking
  • Microwave, and Refrigerators with Coffee.
  • Environment-Friendly Hair Dryers
  • Sufficient Clean Towels
  • Shampoos, Soaps, and Conditioners.

Pristine Rooms for a Premium Vacation

Our housekeepers clean the room with pride. Our Hotel Manager, takes regular follows every housekeeper and inspects every room during and post cleaning.

Our staff cleans blankets, sheets, and pillowcases daily. Furthermore, we ensure that lines are pressed each day too.

Check-In and Check-Outs

Check-in time: 2 pm (all days)

Check-out time: 11 am

Please note that local residents are not allowed to rent at this hotel. The hotel door opens at 8 am and closes at 11 pm every day.

Our hotel door opens at 8 am and closes at 11 pm. However, our managers are available till midnight for reservations. Moreover, our entry doors feature signs with phone numbers of the managers and other staff.

Foolproof Security for Your Peace of Mind.

The hotel has three sets of camera systems that covers the hotel round the clock. Managers and others staff members consistently view camera feeds to ensure security. In addition, the hotel has a RING bell system that allows guests to speak to the Managers for renting rooms or other queries. RING camera also shows the picture of the guest. Our strict security is also monitored remotely through the owner’s home to ensure total protection.


Our well-priced hotel rates vary owing to multiple factors. They are as follows:

December – February

  • Weekday rates: $69 Plus taxes
  • Weekend rates:  $79 plus taxes

March – November

  • weekdays rates: $79 plus taxes
  • weekend rates: $89 plus taxes

Rates are subject to change on National Holidays and specific occasions.

We also offer discounted rates to the contractors.